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1952 Ferguson TED20 Tractor (‘Little Grey Fergie’). Restored as far as possible to original condition. This model has dual fuel tanks and runs on both petrol (for starting) and tractor vaporising oil (TVO). This tractor is now used for light agricultural and maintenance work at Redbridge Farm.

Saw Mill

This Jonsered 6 Metre Saw Mill was in a poor condition when acquired. It has since been completely re-built and installed at Redbridge Farm for processing timber into planks and posts etc.

Sawn Planks

Unlike many larger mills which have a static saw and floating table, this mill has a band-saw which travels on rails; is relatively lightweight; and is designed to be transportable in sections and set up in woodland.

The saw is powered by a large petrol driven chainsaw engine and can process timber up to 60cms diameter and 5.2 metres in length.

Some of the processed timber has been used to clad the ‘Thunderbox’ shown below.


Stocks (2)

Stocks made for a local Taekwondo organisation for use at a fund raising event.


Chainsaw Carved Axe

‘Ray’s Enormous Chopper’

A chainsaw and hand carved axe made as a Birthday present.








‘Asbo‘ the squirrel with attitude! Carved from a block of wood cut from an enormous Oak stump which has been lying around on the farm for the last 4 years.


Horse Drawn Cart

This collection of parts constitutes an antique horse-drawn cart which has been disassembled for restoration. Both of the 12ft (3.7M) long horse shafts are broken and replacements have been hand-crafted by BodgerJohn from a knot-free Ash stub. Work has begun on stripping the old paint from the cart to assess the integrity of the woodwork. Many of the iron fittings and fastenings are severely corroded and replacements will need to be forged.


This seat was presented for repair. In addition to the cartwheel used for the back of the seat, It had been constructed from parts reclaimed from other cartwheels.


It soon became clear that it was in poor condition with most of the seat parts rotten. The only part that could be salvaged was the cartwheel used for the rear and so the rest of the seat would have to be remade.


Five 50mm thick planks were cut from a Beech log to remake the seat parts by hand using the remains of the original seat as templates.



The completed restored seat.


Wrought Iron Fox Window

A wrought iron ‘window’ inset into wall. This item was rusted, bent and with broken welds when received. It has now been repaired and repainted and positioned in the wooden framewok ready for fixing.

 Child Seat

A child’s garden seat. The wooden parts were rotten and the cast iron back needed rust removal and general cleaning.

Child Seat 2

The seat following restoration work.

One of a custom made set of dining room chairs which was severely damaged and received in pieces with some parts missing. Spindles, rails and braces had to be remade from some seasoned oak. The spindles were turned on a pole lathe.

Pulley Block

A replica of an antique Oak pulley block made for a hay loft on a listed building.

Captains Chair

Repair and renovation of Captain’s Chair