BodgerJohn began his career through a 5 year indentured apprenticeship in mechanical engineering before branching out into several other engineering disciplines.

He has also held an interest in ‘conventional’ Woodpeckerwoodworking and joinery from both a hobby and a ‘need to’ perspective for many years. This, coupled with his engineering experience, has enabled him to develop, build and implement many innovative solutions employing wood working and metal working skills as required.

BodgerJohn’s introduction to greenwood working came about as a result from him manufacturing parts for a pole-lathe as a favour for a friend. His involvement in this project sparked an interest which led to his studying greenwood working and the development of his skills in this area.

BodgerJohn is also a certificated tree feller – which comes in useful for providing sources of timber for greenwood work.

Current Work

Greenwood Working

MouseNowadays, BodgerJohn may be seen demonstrating pole-lathe turning and running workshops at a number of festivals, gatherings and craft fairs throughout the year. Like most greenwood workers, he is always happy to share his knowledge and experience with anyone interested; and if they want to ‘have a go’, then so much the better.

BodgerJohn enjoys applying his engineering knowledge and experience for the continual improvement and innovation of greenwood working equipment and tools, whilst retaining the essence of the fundamental principles of their operation and function.



Repair & Restoration

BodgerJohn works on projects involving the repair and/or restoration of (mainly) agricultural and rustic equipment as well as carrying out general equipment maintenance on the farm. Projects have included the restoration of a vintage Ferguson tractor; restoration of a rustic seat originally constructed from recycled cartwheels; and the rebuild of a 6 metre saw mill; which now provides a facility at the farm for processing timber for building projects, fencing, etc.

Equipment & Tools

BodgerJohn also designs and builds bespoke equipment and tools to order. These are essentially ‘one-off’ items that are not available ‘off the shelf’, perhaps because they are reproductions of equipment from a bye-gone age, or are to be used to demonstrate a particular principle, or perform an uncommon or unique activity.

Other Interests

BodgerJohn also maintains an active interest in other subjects; such as those listed below. He occasionally gives talks and presentations on some of these topics.

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