Examples of equipment and tools designed and built by BodgerJohn

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Bike Generator

A bicycle powered generator designed and built for Transition Town Poole as a renewable energy demonstration. The equipment, which is designed to pack flat for easy transportation, uses a ‘rolling road’ principle to drive a permanent magnet motor from an electric scooter as a generator to charge a 12v car battery.

Inkle Loom

An inkle loom, used for hand weaving long narrow items such as belts and straps.

Pole-lathe beds

Two custom built sets of pole-lathe beds and puppets. The right hand example includes tool rests and packing pieces.

Apple Press

An apple press built for the Holton Lee centre (now Livability). Apples are first crushed using a tool called a ‘scratter’, before being wrapped in a set of muslin cloths. These packages are called ‘cheeses‘. The cheeses are then placed between a stack of press plates and a hydraulic car jack is used to apply pressure to squeeze out the juice into a stainless steel tray. From here it pours into a suitable container. Ideally, the pressure would be applied via a large wooden screw and nut. However, manufacture of this arrangement would have exceeded the available budget.

Broad Fork

A broadfork made for the Friends of Turners Nursery. A broadfork is a multi-tined fork used to aerate and break up topsoil in long furrows, acting like a primitive plough, but causing far less damage and negative impact on the soil. Although a common implement in some parts of the world, e.g. Australia, they are not readily available in this country. This means they either have to be imported or manufactured locally.

Rustic Stool

A rustic stool, made from spalted Ash.

Portable Forge

A portable charcoal/coal forge for metalworking, made from a recycled propane cylinder. Air is blown through the forge by a bilge blower powered by a 12v car battery.